Appendix E

Test Templates

E1: Unit Test Plan

The unit test plan is based on the program or design specification and is required for a formal test environment. The following is a sample unit test plan table of contents:

1. Introduction Section

a.   Test Strategy and Approach

b.   Test Scope

c.   Test Assumptions

2. Walkthrough (Static Testing)

a.   Defects Discovered and Corrected

b.   Improvement Ideas

c.   Structured Programming Compliance

d.   Language Standards

e.   Development Documentation Standards

3. Test Cases (Dynamic Testing)

a.   Input Test Data

b.   Initial Conditions

c.   Expected Results

d.   Test Log Status

4. Environment Requirements

a.   Test Strategy and Approach

b.   Platform

c.   Libraries

d.   Tools

e.   Test Procedures ...

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