Book II

Planning for Your Business


image When you think you have your business plan all done and ready, head over to for a list of last-minute questions you need to ask yourself.

Contents at a Glance

Chapter 1: Writing a Business Plan

Selling Yourself on the Importance of Planning

The Anatomy of a Business Plan

Understanding Your Starting Position

Setting Out Your Planning Objectives

Identifying Target Audiences and Key Messages

Establishing Your Plan's Time Frame

Preparing for the Real World

Chapter 2: Finding the Funding

Starting with a Plan

Tapping Friends, Family, and Lovers

Finding an Angel

Daring to Use Venture Capital

Selling Stock to the Public: An IPO

Finding Other Ways to Finance Growth

Guarding Your Interests

Chapter 3: Setting Your Franchise's Wheels in Motion

Surveying Your Options for Locale

Setting Up Shop: Finding Your Franchise's Habitat

Avoiding Encroachment

Securing Your Space After Finding Your Piece of Heaven

Getting the Goods: Merchandise and Supplies

Receiving Merchandise

Maintaining Inventory

Getting Good Training Before and After You Open Your Franchise

Chapter 4: Starting a Home-Based Business

Looking at the Basics of Home-Based Business

Examining the Good News and the Bad

Taking the Home-Based Business Quiz

Starting ...

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