4Set the Example

DAN OLEXA IS A COACHING ENTREPRENEUR AND FORMER seller who believes in maintaining long-term relationships with buyers and takes personal risks to stand up for this value. He considers these moments to be among his personal bests as a seller.

I'm not about turning a quick sale and running to the next prospect. I like to build long-term relationships with my clients. Over the course of my career, I've run afoul of some employers because I focused on the long-term profitability of a client rather than making the most dollars on every single job. I stood up for my clients at the risk of my employment status. I pushed back on irrational and unfair charges, shoddy work, and unacceptable excuses. My clients rewarded these behaviors with increasing sales volume, and I become the “go-to” person for answers, ideas, and jobs that were problems for my competitors.

Leaders like Dan know buyers don't want to do business with sellers who are in it for the quick sale and then are gone, never to be seen again. What's more, they understand that a commitment to long-lasting relationships means working with internal partners to deliver on promises. Dan, for example, told us how his production team recognizes his passion and does their part to make Dan's relationships work: “While at times they didn't like being pressed to work harder or be more attentive, they understood that I held myself to the same standards. I approach them as a co-worker, looking for and helping to provide ...

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