Practice 5Encourage the Heart

Saying “It's been a pleasure doing business with you” isn't enough to sustain a relationship and foster repeat business. Buyers want more from their sellers than some obligatory courtesy at the end of a transaction. To make extraordinary sales happen, exemplary sellers find opportunities to show their appreciation and convey how they value their buyers at every step of the journey. They don't wait until the sale closes to show gratitude. They don't wait for the successful implementation of their solution to celebrate together.

Inside their organizations, leaders share credit and express pride in the collective effort of their internal partners. In their buyers' organizations, sellers publicly tell positive stories to bolster their buyers' confidence and commitment. Leaders do more than make people feel like heroes; they provide clarity and consistency around expectations for all the parties involved. They begin with the end in mind, are open to and seek feedback along the way about how things are going, and use this information to keep relationships and projects on track.

Leaders also know that relationships are sustained when people enjoy the company of those with whom they work. They find creative ways to celebrate accomplishments with their buyers. They take time out to notice and rejoice in reaching a milestone. They look for opportunities to make buyers feel good about decisions they've made and the work they're doing to reach the shared vision. ...

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