Success Habits For Dummies

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Discover the ultimate success habits for a healthy and prosperous life

Whether we like it or not, a big part of what we do in life is governed by habits. Even more importantly, habits can lead us to think and feel in certain patterns. Since habits are so powerful, it's worth paying attention to the ones that are most effective. Inside, bestselling author Dirk Zeller provides tried-and-true advice on creating, building, and cultivating winning habits to achieve success. 

Success Habits For Dummies is a gold mine of startling insights and practical pointers on achieving success. No matter what your station in life, it can quickly put you on the road to the success you want and deserve. With wit, warmth, and loads of practical wisdom, Dirk Zeller helps you:

  • Discover how habits determine 95% of a person’s behavior  
  • Get to know how the people who achieve most in life take deliberate steps to ensure their goals are met
  • Make a practical plan to perform at your maximum potential
  • Maintain a growth mindset that makes you capable of change

Everything that you are today, and everything that you will ever accomplish, is determined by the quality of the habits that you form. By creating good habits and adopting a positive behavior, you too can become successful and live a prosperous life.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  3. Part 1: Principles and Formulas for Success
    1. Chapter 1: Success Is a Habit
      1. What Is Success?
      2. What Isn’t Success?
      3. The Only Thing That’s Important: What Success Is to You
      4. The Different Categories of Success
      5. Creating the Habit of Success
      6. Establishing a Consistent Process of Success
      7. Staying on Track to Your Success
    2. Chapter 2: Success Leaves Clues
      1. Ask a Successful Person to Be Your Mentor
      2. Approaching Success Like Preparing a Recipe
    3. Chapter 3: Discipline: The Magic Habit
      1. Discipline Is a Reward, Not a Punishment
      2. The Keys to Success
      3. Mastering the Law of Sowing and Reaping
  4. Part 2: Putting Together Your Success Plan
    1. Chapter 4: Tapping into Personal Motivation
      1. The Benefits of Being Motivated
      2. What Motivates Most People
      3. Personalizing Your Drivers
      4. The Three Categories of Motivation
      5. Diving Deeper into Your Behavioral Style
      6. Understanding and Motivating Yourself as a Dominant
      7. Understanding and Motivating Yourself as an Influencer
      8. Understanding and Motivating Yourself as a Steady
      9. Understanding and Motivating Yourself as a Compliant
      10. Choosing Other Types of Motivation
    2. Chapter 5: Goals: The Power Source of Achievement
      1. Understanding the Power of Goals: We Become What We Think About
      2. Overcoming the Barriers to Goal Setting
      3. Harnessing the Power of Paper
      4. Establishing Your Fabulous 50
      5. Labeling and Balancing Your Fabulous 50
      6. Creating Your Success Tournament
      7. Increasing the Speed to Achievement
      8. Pinpointing Your Resource Needs
    3. Chapter 6: Dealing with Adversity and Setbacks
      1. You Will Learn More from Your Failures than Success
      2. The Power of Persistence
      3. Protecting Your Attitude
  5. Part 3: Achieving Optimum Health
    1. Chapter 7: Here’s to Your Physical Health
      1. We Only Get One to Live In
      2. Creating Your Health Team
      3. Taking Care of Your Mental Health
      4. Dealing with Health Events
      5. Eat for Success
      6. Let’s Get Physical
      7. Rest Is Required
    2. Chapter 8: Developing the Right Mental Attitude
      1. Determining to Be Positive
      2. Cultivating Your Self-Esteem
      3. Comparison for Encouragement
      4. Developing the Habit of Personal Reward
    3. Chapter 9: Tapping into Your Spiritual Side
      1. We Are All Spiritual Beings
      2. Improving Your Success by Developing Your Spirituality
      3. Growing Spiritually
  6. Part 4: Success Through Relationships
    1. Chapter 10: Developing Valuable Friendships
      1. What We Learned in Kindergarten Still Applies
      2. Creating Friends through Personal Connection
      3. Developing Your Likeability
      4. When Disagreements Arise
    2. Chapter 11: Developing Your Most Important Friendship
      1. Committed Personal Relationships Are Not Automatic
      2. The Value of the Institution of Marriage
      3. Commitment Is the Key Ingredient
      4. Communicating Creates Oneness
      5. Compromise for Harmony
      6. Cling to Commitment
    3. Chapter 12: Having a Successful Family
      1. Being a Successful Parent
      2. Little Habits to Create Big Success
      3. Building Your Child’s Character
      4. Honoring Your Father and Mother
    4. Chapter 13: Building High-Quality Business Relationships
      1. Providing More Service Than You Are Paid For
      2. What Makes a Great Employee
      3. What Makes a Great Employer
      4. Building Customer and Client Relationships
  7. Part 5: Success with Wealth and Money
    1. Chapter 14: Achieving Financial Success
      1. The Search for Financial Freedom
      2. Wealthy People Are Different
      3. The First Step: Define Your Wealth Number
      4. Understanding the Different Types of Wealth
    2. Chapter 15: Becoming Master of the Board
      1. Personal Wealth Is the Board Game of Life
      2. Debt: Your Foe or Friend?
    3. Chapter 16: Crafting Your Wealth Plan
      1. Realizing Your Market Value
      2. Fighting Against Human Nature: Wants Become Needs
      3. Pay the Most Important Person First: You
      4. Guaranteeing Your Retirement Success
  8. Part 6: The Time and Success Connection
    1. Chapter 17: Setting Your Habits for Time Management Success
      1. Getting to Know Yourself
      2. Following a System
      3. Overcoming Time-Management Obstacles
      4. Secondary Defenses: Minimizing Damage When Calls Get Through
      5. Maintaining Your Motivation as You Press Ahead
      6. Making Decisions: Just Do It
      7. Keeping Motivation High
    2. Chapter 18: Time Equals Money
      1. Why Your Hourly Rate Is Important
      2. Calculating Your Hourly Income
      3. Boosting Your Hourly Value through Your Work Efforts
      4. Making Value-Based Time Decisions in Your Personal Life
    3. Chapter 19: Creating the Success Habit of Time-Blocking
      1. Focusing Your Energy with the 80/20 Theory of Everything
      2. Getting Down to Specifics: Daily Prioritization
      3. Blocking Off Your Time and Plugging in Your To-Do Items
      4. Assessing Your Progress and Adjusting Your Plan as Needed
  9. Part 7: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 20: Ten Personal Characteristics to Improve Success
      1. Perseverance
      2. Doing More than You Are Paid For
      3. Lifelong Learning
      4. Gratitude
      5. Positive Attitude
      6. Integrity
      7. Persuasion
      8. Patience
      9. Concentration
      10. Self-Confidence
    2. Chapter 21: Ten Measures and Models of Success
      1. Playing Your Game
      2. Keeping Up with Daily Habits
      3. Staying on Top of Your Physical Health
      4. Serving Others
      5. Maintaining Business Savvy or Entrepreneurial Spirit
      6. Working toward Security
      7. Building Self-Confidence
      8. Looking for Self-Improvement
      9. Staying Mentally Tough
      10. Creating a Legacy
    3. Chapter 22: The Ten Biggest Wealth Success Mistakes
      1. Starting Too Late … or Not Early Enough
      2. Lacking Clarity for Your Future
      3. Not Having a Written Wealth Strategy Plan
      4. Carrying High-Interest-Rate Consumer Debt
      5. Not Using “Good Debt” Wisely
      6. Not Having a Rainy-Day Fund
      7. Poor Estate Planning
      8. Going Alone without a Wealth Team
      9. Being Timid When Opportunity Arrives
      10. Not Remaining Married to Your First Spouse
  10. Index
  11. About the Author
  12. Connect with Dummies
  13. End User License Agreement

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  • Title: Success Habits For Dummies
  • Author(s): Dirk Zeller
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119508847