Chapter 13

Building High-Quality Business Relationships


Bullet Going above and beyond expectations

Bullet Being a good employee

Bullet Being a good employer

Bullet Adding value to your relationships

Work, business, and commerce take up a significant part of our lives. The vast majority of people have experienced a number of business relationships and business interactions before their formal education is complete. You might have had a paper delivery route, sold cookies for the Girl Scouts, raised money for your basketball team, sold ads in the high school paper, babysat younger kids, lifeguarded, or worked at a fast-food restaurant.

Even at a young age, we start to learn and develop business relationships and skills that allow us to establish success habits that we can use for life. We have both employee and entrepreneurial business relationships. Whichever position you occupy presently, in order to have quality business relationships, you must be well versed on the needs and expectations of each. To have success in business, you need a healthy relationship between employee and employer, regardless ...

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