Chapter 16

Crafting Your Wealth Plan


Bullet Figuring out your market value and your needs

Bullet Saving by paying yourself first and making a wealth commitment

Bullet Planning for retirement

In the previous chapters on success and money, we dove deep into defining how much money you need and what your goals and lifestyle needs require. We have explored the use of debt as a help or hindrance to achieving the wealth you desire. If you have debt, I hope that you went through the planning process of the GALP (Gone After the Last Payment) plan from the end of Chapter 15.

My desire in this chapter is to put a bow on the whole process of wealth and money. I want to encompass everything you've read into a comprehensive wealth plan.

Remember The fundamentals of wealth and financial independence are quite simple: Control your spending, reduce debt, live below your means, save a portion of what you make, and avoid the get-rich-quick schemes.

If all the wealth in the world were redistributed evenly among the population, there is no doubt in my mind that people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett ...

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