Successful Interviewing

Book description

This book sets out new approaches, formulas, and software needed to enÂable any HR function or organization to forecast trends and to use existÂing retrospective data to their organization's advantage, which, in short, is to maximize efficiency and productivity. The reader will encounter new formulas to use and new approaches that will add value. Readers will also learn that most of the existing 52 formulas available don't work in today's environment. There is new software that will enable you to do forecasts with certainty and you can use a new mathematical model to rightsize any organization. Are you using an outdated organizational model? Do you have pro-cesses that don't work any more? These are areas that are major inhibiÂtors to productivity and can be significantly improved. Most important of all, this book will help you to create imÂmense added value in any organization.

Product information

  • Title: Successful Interviewing
  • Author(s): Dr. Tony Miller
  • Release date: December 2016
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781631578342