Chapter 24. Let's Get On With It!


When I have all the information I need to proceed, I make decisions quickly.


I don't want to make this decision right now. What if I make a mistake? What if something goes wrong?

The SuperCompetent are able to make critical decisions wherever necessary. A caveat, of course, is you're empowered to make those decisions. You may not be empowered to decide to sell your company, but if it's up to you to decide on a new telephone system or photocopier, don't drag your feet. Get all the information you need, review it carefully, talk it over with the people affected by the decision and trusted advisors, and make your decision. Get on with it!

As motivational speaker Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, wrote to me, "In my experience, those who succeed despite circumstances are those who decide to do so. It's simple. Not as easy as it sounds, but profoundly simple. When you decide not to let the situation dictate your future, you become more creative, give more of yourself and seek opportunities. When you do not make this decision, your attention denigrates into worry, fear, cynicism and depression. Choose to succeed, and the processes will reveal themselves as you progress."

Jim just described a SuperCompetent person: Tough-minded and unafraid to make difficult decisions. They address problems directly and think challenges through more fully than others do. They anticipate difficulties before they arise and don't ...

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