Chapter 2

Getting Started with Your Surface

In This Chapter

arrow Removing the packaging

arrow Charging the battery

arrow Looking for missing items

arrow Identifying your Surface’s parts

arrow Attaching the keyboard

arrow Positioning the Surface for use

Whether your Surface arrives in the mail or in a shopping bag from your local Microsoft Store, the fun doesn’t start right away. No, first you need to remove your Surface from its packaging and charge the battery — tasks I cover in this chapter.

While you’re waiting for the battery to charge, take some time to identify all of your Surface’s ports, slots, and attachments, all pointed out in this chapter. Some of them sit in plain sight; others hide in mysterious crevices.

But no matter where they hide, this chapter points them all out so you know what each one does. That way, you can either impress your friends or bore them to tears with your Surface port acumen.

The ...

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