Chapter 14

Changing Settings

In This Chapter

arrow Changing the settings of a Start screen app

arrow Customizing your Surface’s settings

arrow Adjusting OneDrive settings

Just about everything comes with settings — ways to change its behavior. Your toaster, for example, lets you choose between light and dark. Some toasters even offer a defrost or bagel mode.

Your Surface offers much more complex settings, of course. But quite often the task of finding the right switch consumes more time than deciding which way to flip it.

That’s where this chapter comes in. It explains where to locate the settings of your favorite apps, as well as how to find the right switch to make your Surface behave a little better.

This chapter explores every portion of the Start screen’s PC Settings area, a formidable array of switches that lets you customize your Surface to your liking.

remember.eps To jump straight to any setting described in this chapter, fetch the Charms bar, tap Search, and type the setting’s name or description in the Search box. Your Surface will place a link to the setting beneath the Search box for quick one-tap ...

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