Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 8 Tablets

Book description

A visual guide to all the features of the new Windows 8 Tablet

This must-have resource features visually rich, step-by-step instructions that show you how to get the most enjoyment from your Windows 8 tablet. Learn about the exciting new Metro UI, optimized specifically for touch devices. The most popular and commonly used apps and functions are covered too, along with the basics of syncing with a network, setting up e-mail, watching videos, listening to music, and common productivity tasks. This book provides all the guidance needed to enjoy all the best the new Windows 8 tablets have to offer.

  • Includes information on Microsoft's Windows 8 and the new Metro UI in a clear and easy-to-navigate visual manner

  • Contains over 125 Windows tablet tasks, illustrated with full-color screenshots

  • Offers clear, step-by-step instructions

  • Consistent placement of information makes learning fast and efficient

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 8 Tablet offers concise, step-by-step instruction that's perfect for visual learners.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Windows 8
    1. Start Windows 8
    2. Explore the Windows 8 Start Screen
    3. Display the Charms Menu
    4. Get to Know the Windows 8 Apps
    5. Understanding Gestures
    6. Using Gestures to Control Windows 8
    7. Input Text with the Touch Keyboard
    8. Connect to a Wireless Network
    9. Create a Microsoft Account
    10. Work with Notifications
    11. Put Windows 8 to Sleep
    12. Restart Windows 8
    13. Shut Down Windows 8
  5. Chapter 2: Working with Apps
    1. Explore the Windows Store
    2. Install an App
    3. Start an App
    4. Understanding App Screens
    5. Close an App
    6. Switch between Apps
    7. Update an App
    8. Uninstall an App
  6. Chapter 3: Customizing Windows 8
    1. Configure the Start Screen
    2. Pin an App to the Start Screen
    3. Open the PC Settings App
    4. Change the Start Screen Background
    5. Change the Lock Screen Background
    6. Add an App to the Lock Screen
    7. Synchronize Settings between PCs
    8. Access an App’s Features
    9. Pin an App to the Taskbar
    10. Adjust the Volume
    11. Set the Time Zone
  7. Chapter 4: Surfing the Web
    1. Understanding the World Wide Web
    2. Start Internet Explorer
    3. Navigate Internet Explorer
    4. Select a Link
    5. Enter a Web Page Address
    6. Open a Web Page in a Tab
    7. Navigate Web Pages
    8. Find Text on a Page
    9. Save Favorite Web Pages
    10. Search for Sites
  8. Chapter 5: Sending E-mail and Messages
    1. Configure an E-mail Account
    2. Send an E-mail Message
    3. Format the Message Text
    4. Set the Message Priority
    5. Add a File Attachment
    6. Save a Draft of a Message
    7. Receive and Read E-mail Messages
    8. Reply to a Message
    9. Forward a Message
    10. Open and Save an Attachment
    11. Delete a Message
    12. Send an Instant Message
    13. Respond to an Instant Message
  9. Chapter 6: Getting Social with Your Tablet
    1. Create a Contact
    2. Connect to Facebook
    3. Connect to Twitter
    4. Connect to LinkedIn
    5. Add Your Google Account
    6. View a Contact
    7. View Your Contacts’ Activities
    8. View Your Social Networking Activity
    9. Post a Link to a Social Network
    10. View Your Calendar
    11. Add an Event to Your Calendar
    12. Create a Recurring Event
    13. Add an Event Reminder
    14. Send or Respond to an Event Invitation
  10. Chapter 7: Working with Multimedia
    1. Import Images from a Digital Camera
    2. Navigate the Pictures Library
    3. View Your Images
    4. View Your Facebook Photos
    5. View Your Flickr Photos
    6. Start a Slide Show
    7. Delete an Image
    8. Take a Picture
    9. Navigate the Videos Library
    10. Watch a Video
    11. Buy or Rent a Movie
    12. Buy a TV Episode
    13. Navigate the Music Library
    14. Play Music
    15. Buy Music
    16. Buy a Game
    17. Connect Your Tablet to Your Xbox
  11. Chapter 8: Performing Day-to-Day Tasks
    1. Search Your Tablet
    2. Display a Location on a Map
    3. Get Directions to a Location
    4. Check Your Weather Forecast
    5. Check Another City’s Weather Forecast
    6. Plan a Trip
    7. Get the Latest News
    8. Track a Stock
    9. Follow Your Favorite Teams
  12. Chapter 9: Configuring Your Tablet
    1. Display Mobility Settings
    2. Display Power Options
    3. Define an Action for the Tablet Power Button
    4. Adjust Screen Brightness
    5. Monitor Battery Life
    6. Set a Battery Alarm to Avoid Running Out of Power
    7. Create a Custom Power Plan to Improve Battery Life
    8. Configure the Touch Keyboard
    9. Configure Your Tablet to Work with a Second Monitor
    10. Calibrate the Screen for Accurate Tapping
  13. Chapter 10: Creating and Editing Documents
    1. Understanding Documents
    2. Create a Document
    3. Save a Document
    4. Open a Document
    5. Edit the Document Text
    6. Change the Font Formatting
    7. Find Text
    8. Replace Text
    9. Insert Special Symbols
    10. Make a Copy of a Document
    11. Print a Document
  14. Chapter 11: Working with Files
    1. View Your Files
    2. Select a File
    3. Change the File View
    4. Preview a File
    5. Copy a File
    6. Move a File
    7. Rename a File
    8. Create a New File
    9. Delete a File
    10. Restore a Deleted File
    11. Zip Up and Extract Compressed Files
    12. Add a File to Your SkyDrive
    13. Share a File with Friends
  15. Chapter 12: Sharing Your Tablet with Others
    1. Display User Accounts
    2. Create a User Account
    3. Switch between Accounts
    4. Change Your User Account Picture
    5. Change a User’s Password
    6. Delete an Account
    7. Create a Homegroup
    8. Join a Homegroup
    9. Share a Document or Folder
  16. Chapter 13: Implementing Security
    1. Understanding Windows 8 Security
    2. Check the Action Center for Security Problems
    3. Create a Picture Password
    4. Lock Your Tablet
    5. Set Up Family Safety
    6. Browse the Web Privately
    7. Clear Your Private Information
    8. Reset Your Tablet to Preserve Privacy
  17. Chapter 14: Maintaining Windows 8
    1. Check Hard Drive Free Space
    2. Delete Unnecessary Files
    3. Check Your Hard Drive for Errors
    4. Refresh Your Tablet
    5. Create a Recovery Drive
    6. Keep a Backup History of Your Files
    7. Restore a File from Your History

Product information

  • Title: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 8 Tablets
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2012
  • Publisher(s): Visual
  • ISBN: 9781118374856