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AAA (American Automobile Association), 57

Acceptance of failure, and performance practice, 156–157


based on own conclusions, 68

Discovery Steps, 130–132

simplicity of purpose, 32–35, 235–236

stop old actions, 32–35, 235

(See also Questions for Action)

Active thinking to change conclusions, 65–66

Adams, Scott, 109


sense of, as root of engagement, 22–24

strategy as, 236

Affiliation, as root of engagement, 19–22

Aha! moments, 69–70, 123–124, 234

Align thinking, through visual iteration, 97–101

Allied Domecq, 194

Altitude, in Creating Line of Sight, 179–181

American Automobile Association (AAA), 57

Anchor Blue, 221–223

"And" vs. "or" mentality, 62, 238–239 ...

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