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The Business Wealth Builders: Accelerating Business Growth, Maximizing Profits, and Creating Wealth

Book Description

This book provides pragmatic advice for business owners of privately-held, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on how to grow business, increase top line revenues and bottom line profits, enhance the value of their companies, and build their business wealth

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Disclaimer
  9. Introduction
  10. Part 1: The Big Impact of Small Business
    1. Chapter 1: Mindset: It’s not Personal, it’s Business, or is it?
      1. The Meek Shall Not Inherit the Earth: It’s About Speed and Leverage
      2. Business is sport: Playing to Win vs. Playing Not to Lose
      3. Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence: The True Business Drivers
      4. Getting in Shape: Why You’re More Valuable than a Multimillion Dollar Athlete
      5. How to Get a Life: Creating Your Ideal Business and Your Ideal Life
    2. Chapter 2: Global Economic Power: The Massive (unappreciated) Momentum of the Small Business Entrepreneurs
      1. Global Economic Significance: Driving 52 Percent of the GDP in the Top 17 Economies
      2. You’re Hired: Creating More New Jobs as Big Companies Downsize and Atrophy
      3. Supporting the Fortune 1000: Creating Unlimited Growth Potential for SMEs
      4. Trillions at Stake: The Upcoming Succession Crisis and What to do About It
      5. Divided and Disorganized: Why and How SMEs Must Learn From Each Other
  11. Part 2: Control and Confidence
    1. Chapter 3: Leadership: You Can’t Lead from the Engine Room
      1. It’s All About You: How Your Values, Vision, and Power Will Create Your Company’s Future
      2. You Can’t Steer the Ship if You’re Changing the Oil: How to Fire Yourself and Build an Effective Management Team
      3. The Chemistry of Culture: How Abundance Thinking Can Create Unlimited Success
      4. It’s Lonely at The Top: Utilizing Boards and Advisors to Achieve Your Potential
      5. Leadership Succession: Why Management Succession is More Important than Ownership Succession
    2. Chapter 4: Strategy: It’s all About the Results You Create
      1. Meet the Morrisons
      2. First gear: Mindset
      3. Goals: Synergizing Personal and Professional Objectives
      4. The Value of Results: Don’t Confuse Strategy with Planning
      5. Strategic Driving Forces: How to Focus and Increase Your Value
    3. Chapter 5: Talent Scout: Turning all Employees into Recruiters and Producers
      1. Performance Management: Always Begin with the End in Mind
      2. Recruiting is Like Shoe Shopping: How to Ensure the Perfect Fit
      3. Training and Development: If You Don’t Build Your Team, Who Will?
      4. Compensation: Why You Don’t Need to Be Scared of this Monster Anymore
      5. Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? How to Overcome Common People Challenges.
    4. Chapter 6: Marketing: How the Eternal Customer will Grow Your Business
      1. Understanding Your Value: Numbers Speak Louder than Words
      2. Building Awareness: If You Don’t Blow Your Own Horn, there will be No Music
      3. The Power of Pricing: Give Your Customer Multiple Options to Say “Yes!”
      4. The Three Rs: Your Best Marketing Doesn’t Cost Any Money
      5. Sales: How to Get the Customer to Sign on the Dotted Line
  12. Part 3: Build Your Business Wealth
    1. Chapter 7: From the Vault: Financial Strategies to Accelerate Profits, Valuation, and Wealth
      1. Flash reports: Why Waiting for Your Month-End Financial Statements is Like Reading an Obituary
      2. Working Capital: How Improving Your “Total Days to Cash” will Fuel Your Business
      3. Financing the Future: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Using Other People’s Money
      4. Financial Reporting: It’s About the Past, the Present, and the Future
      5. Financial Management Best Practices: What Your Financial Statements Aren’t Telling You
    2. Chapter 8: Five Secrets to Building Your Business Wealth: How Firing Yourself Can Make You Rich
      1. Personal Balance Sheet: You’re Richer Than You Think
      2. True Wealth is Discretionary Time: If You Have to be There, You Don’t Have a Business, You Have a Job
      3. Valuation: Why Strategy, Systems, and Management are More Important than EBITDA
      4. Show Me the Money: How to Convert Business Equity into Personal Wealth
      5. True Wealth: How to Shift—Permanently— From Survive to Thrive
  13. Part 4: Special Cases
    1. Chapter 9: Succession and Transition: Why There’s No Success in Succession and What to do About It
      1. Leave a Legacy or Leave a Mess: Why Owners Avoid Succession Planning and How to Get Started Today
      2. Be a Lobster and Shed Your Shell: Transitioning from Management to Leadership
      3. For sale, Not Up for Grabs: Preparing Your Business for Sale
      4. Foxtrot, Waltz, or Tango: Negotiating the Sale
      5. All in the Family: Transitioning to the Next Generation
    2. Chapter 10: Family Business: Why You Shouldn’t get Business Advice at the Dinner Table
      1. Getting Governance Right: How to Shift from the Kitchen Table to the Boardroom Table
      2. Stewardship: Are You Building an Annuity or Draining the Tank?
      3. Who’s the Boss? Keeping Business First and Family Second at the Office (and the Opposite at Home)
      4. Dear Mom and Dad: You’re Fired!
      5. Dear Son and Daughter: Please Step Up!
    3. Chapter 11: Advising Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): How to be Your Own Consultant
      1. What’s Your Purpose? Helping Business Owners See their Value and their Future
      2. Marketing Matters: Why an Outsider can Sell You Better than You can Sell Yourself
      3. Methodology Doesn’t Matter: Why Your Customers Should Never See the Engine Room
      4. Monetization: How to Ask for, Get, and Keep What You’ve Earned
      5. Management Magic: The Art and Science of Aligning People and Resources to Drive Results
  14. Appendices
    1. I. Personal Balance Sheet Assessment
    2. II Definitions
    3. III. Private web landing page and resources
    4. IV. Recommended readings
  15. Index