2 Solution Selling Meets the New Buyer

More than one million sales, sales management, and marketing professionals around the world count on and use our branded sales methodology known as Solution Selling®.1 It enables sellers to sell more, helps marketing to create awareness and generate more leads, and provides management with visibility and predictability—all while better managing buyers’ expectations and creating higher levels of customer satisfaction. In simple terms, Solution Selling works by delivering consistent business results for sellers and their buyers.

As owners of the methodology, Sales Performance International (SPI) works diligently to enhance and maintain Solution Selling's relevancy in the marketplace. Our work with clients, our research, and the knowledge we gain from industry analysts enable us to keep the methodology current with buying and selling trends. In spite of this, some pundits have written that “Solution Selling is dead.” This couldn't be further from the truth. Regardless of whether the pundits’ statements are made out of ignorance, jealousy, or incorrect assumptions of what is contained in Solution Selling, they are simply wrong.

From its inception, Solution Selling has always been based on the philosophy that a solution is an answer to a business problem or opportunity. And if sellers are in the solutions business, they must help buyers discover problems or opportunities, consultatively diagnose the issues, and then create or reengineer visions ...

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