Digital Asset Management
Table 2-1. Breakdown by rating of my current and projected collections
Using a disciplined rating system will enable you to find the images you
want more quickly and easily. If you cross-reference a simple rating system
with bulk metadata, or with keywords (see the next section), youll be able
to search for your needle in a much smaller haystack.
Ratings, Keywords, and Groupings
Figure 2-15. I have associated several different kinds of keywords with this
file, ranging from general ones (such as “Jobs”) to specific ones (such as the
name of the subject).
Assigning Keywords
Keywords are words or phrases that you associate with
a picture to describe the subject matter, style, usage, or
connotations of the image. These descriptions can be of
great use when organizing and searching your picture
Keywords can be abstract terms (like victory”) or
subject-oriented terms (like cat” or “Maddy”). Subject-
oriented terms are generally easier to apply because
they require less careful consideration. Abstract terms
are generally economical to apply only to the very best
images, such as ones that will be made available in a
searchable stock photography database.
Figure 2-15 shows an image from my collection, with
the keywords I’ve assigned. (As I’m sure you’ve noticed,
I’ve also assigned keywords to many of the images that
appear in this book.)
What’s a keyword?
The term “keyword” can have two meanings: it can
refer to the term itself, or it can refer to the place where
the keyword lives (in the IPTC Keywords field, or in the
virtual sets in your DAM program). It’s important to
understand these differences—just because you want
Star rating Year 2005 Year 2035
Total images 135,000 1,350,000
Neutral (no stars) 68,000 680,000
1 star 50,000 500,000
2 stars 15,750 157,500
3 stars 1,000 10,000
4 stars 250 2,500
5 stars 0 500
ch02.indd 46
10/31/2005 1:48:54 PM

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