The Definitive Guide to Supply Chain Best Practices: Comprehensive Lessons and Cases in Effective SCM

Book description

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) brings together state-of-the-art supply chain management case studies to help readers systematically identify challenges, evaluate solutions, plan implementation, and prepare for the future. Commissioned by CSCMP, these realistic, fact-based cases are written by world-renowned experts, and reflect the full complexity of modern supply chain/demand chain/logistics management. Coverage includes: supply chain collaboration, advanced forecasting, management of inventory through cash-to-cash cycles, transportation optimization, and many other topics. Readers are effectively challenged to evaluate each scenario and identify the responses most likely to succeed. As they do so, they will encounter the field’s newest best practices. Even more important, they will learn how to integrate a wide array of functional activities, from forecasting and demand planning through order fulfillment and post-sales service. Using these cases, students and professionals will become familiar with a far wider range of scenarios – enabling them to solve more problems, succeed in new environments, and prepare for faster career growth. This book will be a valuable resource for operations managers, supply chain managers, production and inventory managers and planners, demand planners and managers, supply managers, logistics managers, transportation managers, students in graduate programs in OM and SCM, and professionals in related certification programs.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About the Editor
  8. About the Author
  9. Introduction
  10. Part 1: Demand Management in the Supply Chain
    1. 1. Dockomo Heavy Machinery Equipment, Ltd.: Spare Parts Supply Chain Management (SCM)
      1. Introduction
      2. Background
      3. The Supply Chain Partners of Dockomo, Ltd.
      4. Current Situation
      5. Initial Analysis
      6. Forecasting Challenges
      7. Safety Stock Challenges
      8. Discussion Questions
      9. Endnotes
    2. 2. Silo Manufacturing Corporation (SMC)—Parts A and B: Managing with Economic Order Quantity
      1. SMC—Part A
      2. Discussion Questions
      3. SMC—Part B
      4. Discussion Questions
      5. Endnotes
    3. 3. Megamart Seasonal Demand Planning
      1. Introduction
      2. Challenging Characteristics of Gas Grills
      3. Stakeholder Concerns
      4. The Emotional Nature of Grills
      5. Past Failures
      6. Relevant Details
      7. Your Task
    4. 4. Supply Uncertainty, Demand Planning, and Logistics Management at Goodwill Industries of Oklahoma
      1. Introduction
      2. Oklahoma Goodwill Industries (OGI)
      3. Supply Uncertainty and Demand Planning Issues at GIO
      4. Logistics Management Issues at GIO
      5. Concerns for the Immediate Future
      6. Appendix
  11. Part 2: Supply Chain Network Design and Analysis
    1. 5. Bertelsmann China—Parts A and B: Supply Chains for Books
      1. Bertelsmann China—Part A
      2. Discussion Questions
      3. Bertelsmann China—Part B
      4. Discussion Questions
      5. Endnotes
    2. 6. Carnival Corporation Food Supply Chain
      1. Introduction
      2. Carnival Corporation Overview
      3. North American Cruise Industry
      4. Giordano’s Thought Process
      5. Meeting Notes with Head Chef Rousseau
      6. Typical Food Consumption
      7. Food Consumption Variables
      8. Carnival Cruise Food Operating Policies
      9. The Food Procurement Process
      10. Food Staff
      11. Carnival’s Food Supplier Base
      12. Competitive Benchmark Data
      13. Supplier Recommendations
      14. Giordano’s Recommendations
    3. 7. DSM Manufacturing: When Network Analysis Meets Business Reality
      1. Introduction
      2. History
      3. Project Description
      4. The Meetings
      5. Conclusion
      6. Discussion Questions
    4. 8. Kiwi Medical Devices, Ltd.: Is “Right Shoring” the Right Response?
      1. The Race of Life
      2. Kiwi’s Marathon Begins
      3. Kiwi’s Sprint for Global Sales
      4. Kiwi’s Cramped Manufacturing Footprint
      5. Kiwi’s Race Turns Uphill
      6. Choosing Where to Run
      7. Running with Risk, but How Much?
      8. Selecting a Race Support Team
      9. Time to Relax—For a Moment
      10. Discussion Questions
  12. Part 3: Risk and Uncertainty in the Supply Chain
    1. 9. Innovative Distribution Company: A Total Cost Approach to Understanding Supply Chain Risk
      1. Introduction
      2. Learning Objective and Appropriate Audience
      3. New Product Sourcing Details
      4. Domestic Supplier Details
      5. Global Supplier Details
      6. Discussion Questions
      7. Endnotes
    2. 10. Humanitarian Logistics: Getting Donated Foods from Switzerland to Zambia
      1. Case Overview/Background
      2. Routing of Shipment
      3. Shipment Details
      4. Transportation Documentation
      5. Receipt of Goods in Lusaka
      6. Transportation from Customs to the House of Moses
      7. Allocation of Foods to Other Aid Organizations
      8. Goods Turnover Program
      9. Repositioning of Container II
      10. Concluding Activities of the Logistics Project
  13. Part 4: The Functions
    1. 11. Breaking Ground in Services Purchasing
      1. Background
      2. Purchasing Reorganization
      3. Category Management
      4. Legal Spending
      5. Meeting with Legal Department
      6. Discussion Questions
      7. Endnotes
    2. 12. Lean at Kramer Sports
      1. Kramer Sports
      2. The Employee-Owned Cooperative
      3. Factory Operations at Kramer
      4. Tough Times
      5. Lean Implementation at Kramer
      6. One-Year Update
      7. Wilcox’s List
    3. 13. UPS Logistics and to Move Toward 4PL—or Not?
      1. Introduction
      2. Industry Environment and Business Model Context
      3. UPS Logistics Approach to 4PL
      4. Managing the Change Process
      5. Changing Economics and Coordination
      6. Sample Client Relationship: Cisco Systems
      7. Discussion Questions
      8. Endnotes
  14. Index
  15. FT Press

Product information

  • Title: The Definitive Guide to Supply Chain Best Practices: Comprehensive Lessons and Cases in Effective SCM
  • Author(s): CSCMP, Robert Frankel
  • Release date: November 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133448788