Chapter 5Self-PerceptionKnow Thyself

The place to start managing is not in the plant. You start with managing yourself by finding out your own strengths…and making sure you set the right example.


Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.


Joanne was getting ready to make an important town hall presentation at her company. She was the CEO of a medium-sized engineering firm and after five years of great performance she had to report to her staff that their revenues were down this year for the first time. Everyone's bonus would be affected. She never had to deliver bad news of this magnitude to her employees before. She was typically uncomfortable with public speaking, even while delivering good news, but this was her worst nightmare.

She spent the past week preparing—looking for ways to spin the news. How could she present the results so that it looked like a temporary blip? How could she lessen the blow? How will her staff react to the loss of bonuses? She knew many of them were counting on the extra money. Annual bonuses were now seen as a given, almost a ritual at the company.

When the big day of the town hall came, she put on her best business suit, made herself up, practiced her best power pose, and prepared everything she needed to face her employees and deliver the news. She greeted people as they came into the large meeting room, finding it a bit difficult to ...

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