Chapter 11. Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has a powerful advertising platform known as Facebook Ads. Low click-through rates, sophisticated targeting options, and easy integration with applications and Pages make it an interesting tool for marketers. Facebook Ads can be especially helpful for kick-starting your Facebook presence, and some of the most powerful social targeting features become useful when you have a large number of Page members or users. This chapter introduces the platform and walks you through creating and launching an ad.

Use this form to create your Facebook ad.
Figure 11-1. Use this form to create your Facebook ad.

Where to Send Users

Remember why people use Facebook: it’s not to view your ads and then go to your website. They’re on Facebook to use Facebook itself. Use the Facebook Ads platform to send people to applications or Pages on Facebook itself, not external websites. Make sure to provide a seamless user experience as well. To create an ad that sends traffic to your Page or application, click the “I want to advertise something I have on Facebook” link (found at ) and select the destination from the drop-down menu (Figure 11-1).

If you really want to send people to another site, you can enter a destination URL. Remember to include tracking tokens so you can accurately track traffic from your ads. Chapter 12 goes into more detail on this.

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