Chapter 1Communicate Effectively to Move People to Action

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.”

Peter Drucker

Growth is impossible without communication and leaders with a growth mindset are great communicators. This means that they are great listeners as well as compelling storytellers. Your ability to master the art of communication is your greatest tool. How do we influence and persuade others? We use our position, authority, experience, skill, and knowledge. All very important to be effective, however this is only half of the equation; this is where many miss the opportunity to be great communicators. They forget, or don't understand, that just as important is not only what we say, but how, when, and where we say it. Your gestures, timing, tone, rhythm, and overall body language. Once you truly understand that you are always communicating, not just when you open your mouth, you have a better opportunity to be effective. Focus more energy on how you say it. Our ability to sell ourselves and our ideas is paramount to be successful in wealth management.

Listen to Understand

Leadership is not a monologue—it's a dialogue. It's about asking compelling questions and then listening—really listening—to the answers. Great leaders are intuitive listeners who can quickly size up the emotional needs of others and respond appropriately. They can establish rapport very quickly. They have big antennas in order to identify common interests and are ...

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