The Manager's Pocket Guide to Corporate Culture Change

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In order to achieve desired transformation in corporate culture, leaders must take a logical and systematic approach to change. The most successful change programs begin with a statement of shared values. Beginning with values ensures that the entire organization puts purpose before action. The Manager's Pocket Guide to Corporate Culture Change provides the essential methods for mobilizing people behind these shared values. It teaches the skills to empower people within defined parameters, the type of support they require for success, and the best ways to recognize individual and team contributions. It also reviews the basic tenets for developing people, creating a learning organization, and provides practical methods for aligning the culture behind the business strategy in order to manage the change. The Manager's Pocket Guide to Corporate Culture Change is easy-to-read, engaging, and interactive. Each skill has an introduction, an overview, the basic idea, an illustration, and an opportunity for the reader to apply the skill.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Content
  5. Introduction and Overview
    1. The Impact of Business Drivers on Strategy
    2. The Implications of Strategy on Structure
    3. New Strategies and Structures Impose New Demands on Staff and Teams
    4. The Need for Robust Systems to Support the Structure
    5. New Systems Require New Skills and Different Styles
    6. The Need for Renewal
    7. Renewal Begins
  6. Task I:   Maximizing Commitment
    1. Skill 1:    Mobilize people behind the shared values, strategy and structure
      1. Step A.   Define the core values and vision
      2. Step B.   Align the structure with the strategy
      3. Step C.   Engage people in the change Empower people
    2. Skill 2:    Empower people
      1. Step A.   Define job direction and boundaries
      2. Step B.   Provide autonomy
      3. Step C.   Support people as needed
    3. Skill 3:    Recognize individual and team contributions
      1. Step A.   Define requirements and expectations
      2. Step B.   Define motivating
      3. Step C.   Align reward system
  7. Task I:    Commitment Exercise
  8. Task I:    Summary
  9. Task II:  Build Capacity
    1. Skill 4:    Develop people
      1. Step A.   Attend to physical health
      2. Step B.   Attend to emotional health
      3. Step C.   Attend to intellectual health
      4. Step D.   Attend to spiritual health
    2. Skill 5:    Create a learning organization
      1. Step A.   Think systems
      2. Step B.   Seek input
      3. Step C.   Make knowledge happen
      4. Step D.   Form partnerships
  10. Task II:   Capacity Exercise
  11. Task II:   Building Capacity Summary
  12. Task III:  Aligning the Culture
    1. Skill 6:   Articulate the cultural requirements for success
      1. Step A.   Review stated values and operating principles
      2. Step B.   Translate into norms and behaviors
    2. Skill 7:   Create a cultural revolution
      1. Step A.   Diagnose your current culture
      2. Step B.   Develop programs
      3. Step C.   Deliver skills and support
      4. Step D.   Determine progress
  13. Task III:   Alignment Exercise
  14. Task III:   Aligning the Culture Summary
  15. Task IV:   Managing Change
    1. Change Assessment
    2. Score Your Change Assessment
    3. Skill 8:   Promote understanding
      1. Step A.   Describe the event
      2. Step B.   Identify feelings
    4. Skill 9:   Facilitate acceptance
      1. Step A.   Moving to commitment
      2. Step B.   Putting the past behind
    5. Skill 10:   Enable change
      1. Step A.   Making thetransition
      2. Step B.   Beginning again
  16. Task IV:   Managing Change Exercise
  17. Task IV:   Summary
  18. Summary
  19. Bibliography
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Manager's Pocket Guide to Corporate Culture Change
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2001
  • Publisher(s): HRD Press
  • ISBN: 9780874256161