In the same way it takes a village to raise a child, it took an army of colleagues and associates whom I’ve met over my 22 years as a green marketing consultant to write this book.

At J. Ottman Consulting we regularly track the most successful greener products and campaigns for our clients. Several interns and other colleagues helped to further research and write many case examples referred to throughout this book. They include: David Aigner, Ann Amarga, James Blackburn, Catie Carter, Brynne Cochran, Marjorie Dunlap, JC Darne, Ling Feng Fu, Laura Gardner, Alana Gerson, Laura Kortebein, Lisa Martin, Isabelle Mills-Tannenbaum, Michael Mintz, Emily-Anne Rigal, Kyle Weatherholtz, and Margot Wood. Veronica Gordon, Sydnee Grushak, Sarah ...

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