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The Power of Community: How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire their Teams, Wow their Customers, and Make Bigger Profits

Book Description

Build a culture based on the values of “community”—a win-win solution that benefits employees and drives profitability

Every human being has a longing for belonging. We all need to feel loved, accepted, and validated, but today’s digital culture has broken down the spirit of traditional communities—and people crave the commitment and togetherness that comes with community now more than ever. Howard Partridge’s approach leverages this “longing for belonging” to drive measurable business results.

The Power of Community describes one simple concept that can be applied in any business or organization. Learn this and you’ll reap three game-changing rewards: inspired team members, happier customers, and increased profits.

You’ll learn how to implement the principles of building True Community within your organization to help your staff experience what they want—a feeling of being truly connected and valued and a sense of being part of something bigger than themselves. The result will be happier employees, loyal customers, and business sustainability.