Chapter 10Audience Platform Utilization

Special Contributor: Matthew Naeger

After assessing each of the competencies covered in the earlier portions of this book, it is time to think about how you make the most of the platform marketing stack to achieve the goals that you have set for your programs. The previous areas address key competencies that are necessary to utilize digital platforms effectively. Now we will focus on the differences between the platforms and how you can make the most of your ability to communicate in an addressable fashion with your potential, new, and existing customers.

To start, it is important to recognize that addressable platforms are changing on a daily basis. What we have today from companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter is quickly being parroted by major publishers and merchants like Amazon, Walmart, and AOL. Additionally, each platform is racing to evolve and provide greater value to its advertisers as more money heads into the digital space. Each platform has its own set of features that helps to differentiate the value and the experience, but to this point there is not one that has become a total solution for marketers, due to the proprietary nature of the products and the audiences available to each independently. Each of the platforms is working toward the goal of one-to-one addressable audience targeting in one form or another. As that targeting continues to increase, a heightened focus is placed upon how to utilize each platform. ...

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