Scripting Languages and Other Interfaces

Like most database products, SQLite has bindings that allow the functionality of the C APIs to be accessed from a number of different scripting languages and other environments. In many cases, these extensions try to follow a standardized database interface developed by the language community. In other cases, the driver or scripting extension attempts to faithfully represent the native SQLite API.

With the exception of the Tcl extension, all of these packages were developed by the SQLite user community. As such, they are not part of the core SQLite project, nor are they supported by the SQLite development team. If you’re having issues installing or configuring one of these drivers, asking for support on the main SQLite user’s mailing list may produce limited results. You may have more luck on a project mailing list or, failing that, a more general language-specific support forum.

As is common with this type of software, support and long-term maintenance can be somewhat hit-or-miss. At the time of publishing, most of the drivers listed here have a good history of keeping current and in sync with new releases of the SQLite library. However, before you build your whole project around a specific wrapper or extension, make sure the project is still active.


The preferred Perl module is DBD::SQLite, and is available on CPAN ( This package provides a standardized, DBI-compliant interface to SQLite, as well as a number of custom ...

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