sqlite3_errmsg() — Get an error string from last failed API call


const char* sqlite3_errmsg(   sqlite3* db );
const void* sqlite3_errmsg16( sqlite3* db );

A database connection.


Human-readable error message, in English.


This function returns the error message from the last failed sqlite3_* API call associated with this database connection. If a failed call was followed by a successful call, the results are undefined.

Most of SQLite’s built-in error messages are extremely terse and somewhat cryptic. Although the error messages are useful for logging and debugging, most applications should provide their own end-user error messages.

If SQLite is being used in a threaded environment, this function is subject to the same concerns as sqlite3_errcode().

If an API call returns SQLITE_MISUSE, it indicates an application error. In that case, the result code may or may not be available to sqlite3_errmsg().

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