MonthName Function (VB6)

Named Arguments



MonthName monthnumber [, abbreviate]


Use: Required

Data Type: Long

The ordinal number of the month, from 1 to 12.


Use: Optional

Data Type: Boolean

A flag to indicate if an abbreviated month name should be returned.

Return Value

A String.


Returns the month name of a given month. For example, 1 returns January, or if abbreviate is True, Jan.

Rules at a Glance

The default value for abbreviate is False.

Programming Tips and Gotchas

  • monthnumber must be an integer or a long; it can't be a date. Use DatePart("m", dateval) to obtain a month number from a date.

  • MonthName with abbreviate set to False is the equivalent of Format (dateval, "mmmm").

  • MonthName with abbreviate set to True is the equivalent of Format (dateval, "mmm").

See Also

Month Function, WeekdayName Function, DatePart Function

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