The Language Reference, Part 4: QBColor Function–Year Function

QBColor Function

RaiseEvent Statement

Randomize Statement

Rate Function

ReDim Statement

Rem Statement

Replace Function (VB6)

Reset Statement

Resume Statement

Return Statement

RGB Function

Right, Right$, RightB, RightB$ Functions

RmDir Statement

Rnd Function

Round Function

RSet Statement

RTrim, RTrim$ Functions

SaveSetting Statement

Second Function

Seek Function

Seek Statement

Select Case Statement

SendKeys Statement

Set Statement

SetAttr Statement

Sgn Function

Shell Function

Sin Function

SLN Function

Space, Space$ Functions

Spc Function

Split Function (VB6)

Sqr Function

Static Statement

stdDataFormat Object (VB6)

stdDataFormats Object (VB6)

Stop Statement

Str, Str$ Functions

StrComp Function

StrConv Function

String, String$ Functions

StrReverse Function (VB6)

Sub Statement

Switch Function

SYD Function

Tab Function

Tan Function

Terminate Event

TextStream Object

TextStream.Close Method

TextStream.Read Method

TextStream.ReadAll Method

TextStream.ReadLine Method

TextStream.Skip Method

TextStream.SkipLine Method

TextStream.Write Method

TextStream.WriteBlankLines Method

TextStream.WriteLine Method

Time, Time$ Functions

Time Statement

Timer Function

TimeSerial Function

TimeValue Function

Trim, Trim$ Functions

Type Statement

TypeName Function

UBound Function

UCase, UCase$ Functions

Unload Statement

Unlock Statement

Val Function

VarType Function

Weekday Function

WeekdayName Function (VB6)

While...Wend Statement

Width # Statement ...

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