Chapter 17

Ten Ways to Sound More Authoritative

In This Chapter

arrow Finding deeper tones

arrow Taking your time

arrow Going with the flow and following through

When someone comes to me for voice coaching, the most frequent question is how to sound more authoritative. When you sound more authoritative, people listen to what you have to say and find you more powerful and influential. When you hear someone speak with authority, the power of that person’s delivery may give you the impression that only someone exceptional can achieve such an impact. Yet cultivating an authoritative voice is easier than you may think.

Stand Confidently

If you look confident, you instantly seem like someone to be reckoned with, and people pay heed. You look confident when you stand well. You also create the best conditions for producing a good sound.

tip.eps Watch Shakespearean actors playing heroic roles on stage and notice how they hold themselves. Their positioning and posture is the very combination of characteristics that you need for an authoritative voice:

Find your balance with your weight evenly distributed between ...

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