Chapter 18

Ten Ways to Speak with Charisma

In This Chapter

arrow Finding your sense of ease

arrow Moving and inspiring your audience

arrow Communicating your deeper purpose

Which speakers give you goose bumps? Someone with charisma can make you feel as if you’re the most important person in the world and truly inspire you.

Charismatic speakers are all of a piece (see Chapter 16), happy in their own skin, and know how to connect with people (Chapter 15) so that others feel at one with them. You also sense their vibrant internal energy – their ‘life force’ – which affects you as they speak, whether they’re dynamic or calm. By the way, the word charisma actually means ‘grace’ – a good reminder that real charisma inspires but never overwhelms. Following are ten ways to find your charisma, and use it to engage your listeners and communicate on a deeper level.

Find Your Calm Centre

The sense of ease that you admire in people with charisma has its root in their calm centre. You can find this space for yourself.

trythis.eps 1. Quieten all the chaos in your mind and body. Acknowledge and then let go of all feelings ...

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