<applet> ... </applet>

Define an executable applet within a text flow.


align =position

Align the <applet> region to either the top, middle, bottom (default), left, right, absmiddle, baseline, or absbottom of the text in the line.

alt =string

Specify alternative text to replace the <applet> region within browsers that support the <applet> tag but cannot execute the application.

archive =url

Specify a class archive to be downloaded to the browser and then searched for code class.

class =name

Specify a style class controlling the appearance of the tag.

code =class

Specify the class name of the code to be executed (required).

codebase =url

URL from which the code is retrieved.

height =n

Specify the height, in pixels, of the <applet> region.

hspace =n

Specify additional space, in pixels, to the left and right of the <applet> region.

id =name

Define a name for this applet that is unique to this document.


If present, allows the applet to access JavaScript within the page.

name =string

Specify the name of this particular instance of the <applet>.

object =data

Specify a representation of the object’s execution state.

style =style

Specify an inline style for this tag.

title =string

Provide a title for the applet.

vspace =n

Specify additional space, in pixels, above and below the <applet> region.

width =n

Specify the width, in pixels, of the <applet> region.

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