<tr> ... </tr>

Define a row of cells within a table.


align =type

Align the cell contents in this row to the left, center, or right.

background =url

Specify an image to be tiled in the background of the cell.

bgcolor =color

Define the background color for this row.

border =n

Create a border n pixels wide.

bordercolor =color

Define the border color for this row.

bordercolordark =color

Define the dark border-highlighting color for this row.

bordercolorlight =color

Define the light border-highlighting color for this row.

char =char

Specify the cell alignment character for this row.

charoff =value

Specify the offset of the alignment position with cells of this row.


Disable word wrap for all cells in this row.

valign =type

Vertically align the cell contents in this row to the top, middle, bottom, or baseline of the cell.

See Chapter 5 for more information on tables.

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