Abadian, S., 319

Abdul, P., 335

Academia: discussions in, on women as presidential candidates, 295297; gender differences in childlessness of leaders in, 6, 40n32; gender initiatives in, 18, 53n112; recommended changes in, 3435; underrepresentation of women as leaders in, 2, 62n187

Access to leadership opportunities: gender stereotypes as obstacle to, 69; in-group favoritism as obstacle to, 911; individual strategies for increasing, 2026; organizational strategies for increasing, 2730; reasons for increasing, 16, 49n94, 398399; societal strategies for increasing, 3035

Accountability: for improvement in access to leadership opportunities, 27, 399400; shared, for tasks requiring coordination, 457

Acker, J., 368

Ackmann, M., 161 ...

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