X on Non-UNIX Platforms

X runs on all types of hardware, on all sorts of operating systems. Both clients and servers run on IBM-compatible PCs running DOS, as well as Macintosh computers. Full X distributions are available for NeXT machines, but the servers have to negotiate with the NeXTstep interface. This chapter briefly describes the X products available on those platforms.

In This Appendix:

X on DOS-based PCs

Requirements for PC X Servers

Installing and Configuring PC X Servers

Problems Particular to PC X Servers

X on Macintosh Computers

Macintosh-based X Servers

MacTCP and the Communications Toolbox

X on NeXT Computers


X on Non-UNIX Platforms

This book concentrates on X as it runs on UNIX systems. But X is OS-independent. Our office equipment consists mostly of UNIX systems and X terminals, but we also have Macintosh computers, PCs, and NeXT machines. X runs on all of them.

  • We have one PC user who runs an X server on top of his Microsoft Windows environment. He runs PC applications locally, but also displays X windows alongside his MS-Windows windows. He runs project management software on the PC, while he writes and debugs UNIX programs and reads his mail using X applications.
  • We have a diehard Macintosh user who runs an X server on top of his Macintosh operating system. He works primarily with Macintosh programs but occasionally needs to edit troff files on a UNIX system and preview them with an X-based previewer.
  • We have a NeXT user who runs a full X distribution ...

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