Andy Oram

Andy Oram

Andy Oram is an editor at O'Reilly Media. An employee of the company since 1992, Andy currently specializes in open source technologies and software engineering. His work for O'Reilly includes the first books ever released by a U.S. publisher on Linux, the 2001 title Peer-to-Peer, and the 2007 best-seller Beautiful Code.


Getting started with InnerSource

July 20, 2016

Welcome to InnerSource, the powerful movement for developing open source software within the walls of a single organization.


SRE as a team sport

February 3, 2020

Tracy Ferrell and Phil Beevers on the principles of Site Reliability Engineering and successful SRE teams.

Open source in Brazil

October 28, 2016

Exploring the many trends in business, education, and government that have contributed to the current state of open source activity in Brazil.

Trends shaping the London tech scene

September 22, 2016

London's tech scene has not only pervaded all of its world-leading activities, it’s also created a vibrant, independent business environment of its own.

Pitching your IoT project

April 22, 2016

Getting corporate buy-in for an IoT project requires a much different pitch than one for a typical new product or technology buy. This report delivers practical advice for preparing a compelling IoT pitch to CxO-level execs.