Chapter 4

Using the Photoshop Pen Tool


check Selecting the Pen tool for the task

check Using a path as a selection

check Creating curved paths

check Creating clipping paths

check Putting shape layers to work

The Pen tool is the ultimate method to make precise selections. You can also use it to create vector shapes and clipping paths (silhouettes). In this chapter, you see how to take advantage of this super multitasking tool. This chapter also shows you how to apply paths made with the Pen tool to create selections, shapes, and silhouettes using clipping paths.

remember If you’re interested in fundamental practices when using the Pen tool, check out Book 5, Chapter 4, where we cover the Pen tool in more detail. Using that lesson helps you in Photoshop, too, because the Pen tool works essentially the same way in both Illustrator and Photoshop.

We recommend that you use the Pen tool as much as you can to truly ...

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