Chapter 6

Adding Text to Your XD Project


check Reviewing importing onscreen text properties

check Adding and stylizing your text

check Importing text

check Using the Repeat Grid feature

check Importing updated text into your repeated grid

Text in Adobe Experience Design (XD) is used for UI elements such as buttons, for navigational elements such as links to other content, and for general content such as descriptions, directions, lists, and more. In this chapter, you find out how to add text to your UI and control the look using the Properties panel. You also discover how to import text from other sources and create a repeated list of items using the Repeat Grid feature. Keep in mind that the Adobe Experience (XD) application is continually changing through its development, so you may see slight changes in UI.

Adding Text Right in Adobe XD

Adding text is just a matter of selecting the Text tool from the Tools panel and then indicating where you want it placed on your artboard by either clicking ...

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