Chapter 12

Using Your Illustrator Images


check Saving Illustrator files

check Exporting files for use in other applications

check Preparing art for the web

check Flattening your transparency

check Printing in Illustrator

So you have beautiful artwork but aren’t sure how to remove it from your screen. You could have a party and invite all interested clients to stand around your monitor and admire it or share or sell your artwork by posting it on the Internet or printing it.

In this chapter, you discover how to use your illustrations in a variety of workflows, from using Illustrator files in page layout programs to exporting files for Photoshop (and other programs) and the web. This chapter helps you use your artwork effectively and understand the saving and flattening choices available in Adobe Illustrator.

Saving and Exporting Illustrator Files

In this section, you discover how general choices differ in the Save As dialog box (choose File  ⇒  Save As) and describe their benefits.

When you choose ...

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