Chapter 1: Exploring New Features in Photoshop CS6

In This Chapter

check.png Using the new, darker interface

check.png Taking advantage of text styles

check.png Getting creative with new brush tools

check.png Discovering new layer organizational features

check.png Exploring new and improved 3D features

Adobe developers added numerous new features to Photoshop CS6. Many of these features are obvious as soon as you launch the product, but some are performance improvements that make certain tasks — such as warp, blur, and lighting effects — much faster. Two features, the Contact Sheet and the PDF presentation functionality, have returned after being absent (and missed greatly) in previous versions. Some of the new features are covered in this chapter, but many are integrated throughout the other chapters in this minibook.

Keep in mind that probably over 50 new features and production improvements have been added to Photoshop CS6. Look throughout this minibook for other references to these new features, or find them easily by choosing ...

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