Chapter 8

Creating Artwork with the Pencil, Curvature, and Blob Tools


Bullet Drawing with the Pencil tool

Bullet One-stop-shopping for curves with the Curvature tool

Bullet Drawing filled paths with the Blob Brush tool

Bullet Erasing with the Eraser tool

Bullet Creating basic and complex shapes with the Shaper and Builder tools

Bullet Gracefully transforming artwork with Puppet Warp

Ultimately, all vector graphics consist of anchor points and paths. But when you’re on a creative flow, who feels like thinking in terms of underlying technology? Not you, I suspect. Me either. So Illustrator provides other options.

When seized by a creative urge, the fastest way to convey your vision to the screen is often to reach for your mouse, your tablet, or your stylus, and draw with the Pencil tool, the Curvature tool, the Blob Brush tool, or the Shaper tool. I introduce you to these tools and more in this chapter.

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