Chapter 4 Respect Promoting Personal Growth, the Key to Inspiring Motivation


Have you ever worked for a company that took your professional goals into account when planning for the future of your role? In my experience, when employees are given the flexibility to explore something they’re passionate about, they’ll work twice as hard to achieve their goals. Does that mean a compromise for the business? Possibly. But as I described in Chapter 1, hiring people with the same philosophy and goals that govern your firm can help you reach goals that may previously have been unattainable. In my case I wanted to be a financial advisor because I wanted to help people, and the toolkit I wanted to use was financial planning. When I hire, I am looking for people with that same goal—to help people.

One thing that really gets to me is that I cannot give 100 percent all the time to either of my companies, and that’s why I am very choosy about my leadership team. I need to be able to lean on leaders who can be as encouraging and focused on the personal growth of people as I am. Why? Because promoting personal goals and supporting employees’ passion to grow in something they love is the key to inspiring motivation.

What it all comes down to, simply, is respect. Respect for others and their goals, respect for their happiness, and a mutual respect for the business.

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