Chapter 20

Moving beyond Google

In This Chapter

arrow Making your app work on Amazon Fire

arrow Finding out which features don’t work with Fire

arrow Configuring and testing with an emulator

arrow Uploading your app to the Amazon Appstore

For Android, Google may be the biggest game in town, but it isn’t the only one. Because Google makes every release of Android open to the public via the Android Open Source Project, many companies produce their own, custom versions of the Android source code.

One company that you may be familiar with, Amazon, chose Android to run on its devices — the Fire OS tablet and phone.

The Android‐based Fire devices can run Android apps with few or no modifications. It has no access to the Google Play Store, though, which means that if you want Fire users to be able to download your app, you have to publish it to the Amazon Appstore for Android. In this chapter, you find out how to port your application to the Fire OS and then publish it via Amazon.

One reason you may want to port ...

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