Chapter 2

An Android Social Media App


check Registering your app on Facebook's developer site

check Using the Facebook SDK for Android

check Surfing the web from inside an activity

check Posting on Facebook with Android code

A reader from Vancouver (in British Columbia, Canada) writes:

“Hello. I just thought I would ask that you include the area that seems to get attention from app developers: programs connecting with social sites. I look forward to reading the new book! Best regards, David.”

Well, David, you're inspiring readers to create a Facebook app. This chapter's example does two things: It visits a web page, and it creates a post about that page. An app can perform many more tasks — for example, query data, manage ads, upload photos, and do lots of other things that Facebook users want done. For simplicity, though, this chapter's app performs only two tasks: surf and post.

The essence of this chapter's Facebook code is two short statements. To visit a website, the app executes


And, to create a post, the app executes

Of course, ...

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