The Only Strategy You Will Ever Need

Building Business at Bill's Burgers

Bill owns a hamburger restaurant called Bill's Burgers. Bill needs more customers. So Bill does what any bright, energetic entrepreneur would do: He looks for ways to build his business.

Bill has read lots of articles about the power of the Internet. Bill has decided to make a video about Bill's Burgers, put it on YouTube, and have it go viral. In the video he plans to have babies doing funny things with hamburgers; some cute, playful puppies wearing tiny Bill's Burgers T-shirts; and hopefully Jennifer Aniston enjoying a Bill's Burger burger. The video will go viral, and people will flock to Bill's Burgers in droves.

Of course, everyone knows that social media is the key to business success today. Bill is designing a Facebook page for his restaurant, and he is starting a blog. He thinks he'll call it Bill's Burger Blog. He will write about hamburgers and onion rings and the great things that happen in his restaurant. The blog will be connected to his new Twitter account, where he plans to regularly post 140-character updates on hamburgers and hamburger-related stuff.

“Amaze” and “Delight”

Bill also bought some books about business. Most of them say that he should be doing things that will make his business unique and one of a kind. They say that he needs to be wildly imaginative and innovative and do things that will “amaze” and “delight” his customers. Bill goes to hamburger restaurant conventions, and ...

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