Appendix A. Contributors

Jennitta Andrea has been a multifaceted, hands-on practitioner (analyst, tester, developer, manager), and coach on over a dozen different types of agile projects since 2000. Naturally a keen observer of teams and processes, Jennitta has published many experience-based papers for conferences and software journals, and delivers practical, simulation-based tutorials and in-house training covering agile requirements, process adaptation, automated examples, and project retrospectives. Jennitta’s ongoing work has culminated in international recognition as a thought leader in the area of agile requirements and automated examples. She is very active in the agile community, serving a third term on the Agile Alliance Board of Directors, director of the Agile Alliance Functional Test Tool Program to advance the state of the art of automated functional test tools, member of the Advisory Board of IEEE Software, and member of many conference committees. Jennitta founded The Andrea Group in 2007 where she remains actively engaged on agile projects as a hands-on practitioner and coach, and continues to bridge theory and practice in her writing and teaching.

Scott Barber is the chief technologist of PerfTestPlus, executive director of the Association for Software Testing, cofounder of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability, and coauthor of Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications (Microsoft Press). He is widely recognized as a thought leader in software performance ...

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