Into Socialtext

Before I could introduce Socialtext, I needed to introduce our work environment and lay out the fundamental issues involved when we test. At Socialtext, we have a number of different defects, with different root causes, that need to be found (or prevented) using different technical strategies. Without those precepts, we’d be making assumptions about the mission of our team (find bugs? or report status?), our goals (100% automation of all tests?), and what metrics are appropriate (number of tests? statement coverage?).

I did a simple check in the Socialtext Bug database and found the following rough categories of bugs (Table 16-1).

Table 16-1. Defect categories and examples

Category of defect



Untestable or rendering


Exported PDF has incorrect font; widget headers do not preserve padding; tag lookahead does not keep up with typing

Browser compatibility untestable or rendering


Workspace pulldown has no scrollbar on IE6

Catchable by computer-based browser execution and evaluation


Delete tag; tag does not go away

Catchable by reasonably light slideshow


All files list is incorrectly sorted for a complex sort

Special characters, exception-handling, internationalization


Special characters (@$==, copyright or trademark, etc.) in fields do not render correctly on save

Appliance installs or upgrades


Appliance upgrade fails

Backup, restore, import, export


Import of old (<3 releases back) workspace fails

Usability issues


Tab order, spelling, too many clicks to use, “make this ...

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