Microsoft Access 2007 is a powerful database application that allows you to build standalone and client-server database applications. Access applications are widespread in the enterprise. Access has powerful wizards and tools that make it relatively easy for users to build a database application that then grows in popularity and requirements that are beyond the capabilities of the relatively simple design. VBA is a powerful programming language that can be used in Access applications to expand the functionality in ways you never imagined. If you are hoping to take your current Access databases or future databases to a more robust level of functionality, then Beginning Access 2007 VBA is the book for you.

Who This Book Is For

This book assumes that you have created Access databases in the past that have tables, forms, and possibly macros. You may have even written some VBA code in Access before, or you may have experience with Visual Basic or VBScript and want to learn how to write VBA code from within Access applications. No prior experience with VBA is required. As long as you have the ability to create Access tables and forms and the desire to learn VBA, this book will have a lot to offer you.

It is very possible that you have realized limitations with your current Access applications and now desire to build more sophisticated solutions. For example, your current application may need additional features included that must be programmed with VBA. Your current application ...

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