The Behavioral Marketing Manifesto

When we talk about how industries change and when new thinking emerges, the concept of a manifesto is one that surfaces often. Whether you're a fan of religious figures like Martin Luther and his 95 theses or your thinking leans more toward the business world's Cluetrain Manifesto, outlining a core set of truths can be a powerful way to set the frame of reference for the next phase of the conversation.

Given that this is the first deep-dive book on behavioral marketing, I thought it'd be valuable to outline 50 of the top-line theories in a quick format that sets the concepts for the rest of the chapters. I've broken the manifesto into 10 key sections ranging from marketing to team to revenue. Think of these as guiding principles, and we'll dive into each of them in much more detail throughout the book. And yes, they're tailor-made for social sharing, should the urge strike you.

  1. Almost every sale begins with marketing. Get it right, then scale.
  2. Marketing is your best chance to frame the buying decision in your favor. Start early.
  3. Marketing without a point of view is time and money wasted.
  4. There's a human on the other end of every marketing experience. Recognize that.
  5. Understand the difference between the science and art of marketing. Be better at both.
  1. A marketer's best friend is a well-informed sales rep.
  2. Expect CRM drama between sales and marketing. Solve it with more qualified leads.
  3. Sales complains about logging activity, ...

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