This class represents an application’s operating environment, which includes details about the operating system, the current user, and other environment variables. This information is provided through static properties and some helper methods.

You can retrieve command-line arguments as a string from CommandLine or as an array of strings using GetCommandLineArgs( ). Use the GetLogicalDrives( ) method to get an array of strings containing drive names (for example, C:\), and use the GetFolderPath( ) method to get the physical location of a special system folder. You can also retrieve environment variables by key name using the GetEnvironmentVariable( ) method and automatically replace environment variables in a string with the ExpandEnvironmentVariables( ) method, as long as they are delimited with the percent sign (%). For example, on a system with the environment variable MAC_ADDR set to 123456789012, the string MAC_ADDR=%MAC_ADDR% would be converted to MAC_ADDR=123456789012.

public sealed class Environment {
// Public Static Properties
   public static string CommandLine{get; }
   public static string CurrentDirectory{set; get; }
   public static int ExitCode{set; get; }
   public static bool HasShutdownStarted{get; }
   public static string MachineName{get; }
   public static string NewLine{get; }
   public static OperatingSystem OSVersion{get; }
   public static string StackTrace{get; }
   public static string SystemDirectory{get; }
   public static int TickCount{get; } public static ...

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