1 Inception

Stage checklist

Key processes: Project needProject manager selectionProject mandateEnvironmental mandateBIM mandate
Key objective: ‘What is the need?’
Key deliverables: Project mandate (project initiation document)
Key resources: Client teamProject manager

Stage process and outcomes

Inception is the initial stage of the development process; it is a transition between the client’s strategic business decision making and the implementation of a project. The stage confirms a need, either business or social, that requires some form of capital development and concludes with the client making a decision to proceed with a detailed appraisal of the viability of the development.

Principally this is a client-led process, but depending on the nature of the client and the complexity of determining the client’s requirements it may involve the services of management consultants or a professional adviser and these may be in-house or external to the client’s organisation.


  • Statement of the key business objectives, project mandate and constraints
  • Statement of an environmental mandate
  • Outline of BIM strategy
  • Definition of the project management structure
  • Approval to proceed to the feasibility stage
  • Appointment of the project manager

The client

Client obligations and responsibilities

The client organisation will need to ascertain what the needs and objectives are that the project is aiming to satisfy and how the project fits in with their strategic objectives. ...

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